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GDPU by The Advocacy Project on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
A woman and her modified wheelchair outside of the Gulu Disabled Persons Union

Photo taken by Bryan Lupton AP Fellow in Gulu, Uganda July 2009 Partner: Survivor Corps Uganda

na ez a menő bringa, nem azok a lúzer hipszterszarok, amik itt pörögni szoktak

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  11/27/11 at 10:08am
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Silver X, 24, rap artist and singer

‘My album is a great hit. Small kids sing it, old mamas and papas. I don’t go into politics in my singing – it’s a bit risky. I sang a song about how hard it is when you go for a job and they want to know what tribe you’re from, who your father is. It brought me into conflict with the government. My father died in the war. He was shot by his wife’s brother – they were soldiers. My mother took us to Uganda and I was educated in Kampala. When we achieved independence, I was shocked. There was a four-day concert and I performed at the cultural centre. When they raised the flag, I was ­shedding tears – for what had ­happened in the past, but also for joy.’

from South Sudan: Nation Builders by Zen Nelson/Institute via Guardian

  11/05/11 at 08:09pm