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"Riyadh on Sunday summoned its ambassador from Hungary after the Hungarian prime minister Verenik Georkasani described, as kidding, members of the Saudi football team as “Arab terrorists,” according to a Saudi source."

- hát nekem tökre kimaradt, hogy anno a szaudi terroristák egyszerűen Verenik Georkasani-nak torzították Gyurcsányt. Amúgy ez a summon ige tök jó, a túl sok középiskolás kalandjáték miatt mindig elképzelem Hillary Clintont, ahogy varázslóruhában megidézi Farkas Bertalant (via OP)
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  09/06/12 at 11:16pm

The coat of arms of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands was granted in 1985. The arms consist of a shield containing a golden lion rampant holding a torch, representing the United Kingdom and discovery. The background of the shield is blue and white estoiles, from the arms of James Cook who discovered the islands. The supporters are a fur seal and a Macaroni Penguin, both animals native to the islands. The crest is a reindeer, from the two herds of reindeer found on South Georgia Island. The seal stands on a mountain, while the penguin stands on ice.

The motto is Leo Terram Propriam Protegat (Latin: “[Let the] Lion protect his own land”).

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  12/25/11 at 11:58pm

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1974: Basil Brown, a 48-year-old health food advocate from Croydon, drank himself to death with carrot juice.

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  11/11/11 at 10:26am