Kiryas Joel, New York

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- Kiryas Joel is named for Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum, the rebbe of Satmar and driving spirit behind the project. Teitelbaum himself helped select the location a few years before his death in 1979. Joel Teitelbaum, originally from Hungary, was the rebbe who rebuilt the Satmar Hasidic dynasty in the years following World War II.

- Population: 20,175.

- Kiryas Joel has the highest percentage of people who reported Hungarian ancestry in the United States.

- The 2000 census also reports that only 6.2% of village residents spoke English at home, one of the lowest such percentages in the United States. Over 89% of residents spoke Yiddish at home, while 2.3% spoke Hebrew.

- The average household size was 5.74 and the average family size was 5.84.

- The per capita income for the village was $4,355. About 61.7% of families and 62.2% of the population were below the poverty line, the highest poverty rate in the United States.

- In the 1990s, the first clinical trials for the hepatitis A vaccine took place in Kiryas Joel, where 70 percent of residents were infected.

- It has no slums or homeless people. No one who lives there is shabbily dressed or has to go hungry. Crime is virtually nonexistent.

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